Video of the Week: The Robert F. Williams Documentary

Here is a film about the powerful journey of the revolutionary Robert F. Williams. Sadly many people, especially young people, have never heard of Robert F. Williams or about his contribution to the Black Freedom Movement and the overall global struggle for liberation. You will never see his name in school history textbooks in the United States, and there are no monuments of him in Washington, D. Till this very day, Amerikkka fears this man. They fear him because he organized Black folk and believed in the idea of self-defence. From the small town of Monroe, NC, Robert F. Williams organized his comrades to defend themselves by any means necessary. This story is one that needs to be told. Please order or borrow of copy of Negroes With Guns which tells the story of Robert F. Williams, and the liberation struggle out of Monroe, NC. Stay Woke.

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Hypocritical Violence: The Fear of Armed Black People


On September 10, 2014, Barack Obama approached the nation and said, “As Commander-in-Chief, my highest priority is the security of the American people.  Over the last several years, we have consistently taken the fight to terrorists who threaten our country.” Obama informed the nation that the United States has a new enemy that they must fight to in order to protect the security of the “American people.” He described this enemy as ISIS/ISIL, and said that it was barbarous organization that should be stopped at all costs. “Our objective is clear:  We will degrade, and ultimately destroy, ISIL through a comprehensive and sustained counterterrorism strategy.” This by any means necessary attitude of the President leads me to ask, why is it acceptable for Amerikkka to use violence for its freedom, but unacceptable for Black people to the same?

As someone involved in the liberation movement of Afrikans worldwide, I often run into resistance from those who subscribe to nonviolence as a principle. Their criticisms usually revolve around the fact that we must maintain some type of “moral high ground” over the oppressor. Of course we know this comes from our attachment to a distorted version of Christianity. Also there are others who care nothing about the morality; they just believe that we would just be wiped out if we tried to be violent. I can personally understand these criticisms as I was once heavily involved in the Black church, and as a person who thoroughly understands the capacity of the oppressor to inflict violence.

These criticisms however are a reflection of white supremacist conditioning. Distorting history is the foundation of this conditioning. Over the years, Amerikkka has used this mechanism to make nonviolence seem as the only acceptable and successful form of resistance for Black people. It has done its best to erase and demonize every piece of revolutionary resistance in the history of Afrikan people in Amerikkka and globally.

Afrikans have been resisting European colonization with violence both organized and unorganized, since its inception. From mutinies on slave ships to the militant resistance of the 1960s, we never took our oppression lying down. Due to the whitewashing of history, many people have little to no knowledge of this type of resistance in the history of the Black struggle. The United States intentionally focuses on Black resistance from a nonviolent perspective to keep people passive. Names like Denmark Vessey, Nat Turner, and Gaspar Yanga are purposely written out of the history books. While Amerikkka has continued to shame and erase the history and validity of armed Black resistance, they celebrate and uplift their own culture of violence and right to self-defense.

When Obama said his highest priority is the security of the American people, I couldn’t help but chuckle. He made this statement in a country where the police kill a Black person every 28 hours. The same country where men, women, and children experience Dante’s Inferno in the prison-industrial complex. The same country where the government uses tax-money to bomb poor people in countries like Yemen, Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, etc. while children starve right here on Amerikkkan streets. The same country that gives billions of the citizen’s tax money to fund the terrorist state of Israel and it’s occupation of Palestine, while many people work over forty hours and still live in poverty. The very night Barack Obama uttered that phrase; Black people along with other people were fighting for their lives from the barbarous actions of the Ferguson police department. The hypocrisy of Amerikkka flowed through every syllable that came out of the mouth of the President.

We can’t have a successful revolution that is ignorant of our history of resistance. We cannot continue to be brainwashed into thinking that nonviolence is a principle that we must adhere to at all times. Many people use the Civil Rights Movement as an example of the success of nonviolent resistance. Again, this is a result of conditioning to pacify people. The Civil Rights Movement had powerful moments of nonviolent resistance, however that doesn’t mean that all people believed and participated in nonviolence at all times. Even Martin Luther King was armed for his own self-defense. Many Black folks were not for nonviolence but were involved in the Civil Rights Movement, particularly Black people in rural areas in the South. For rural Southern Blacks, guns were a part of the culture. Guns were used for hunting and also self-defense. This belief in self-defense was intensified by ancestors who fought in the Civil War and subsequent wars, who had to come home to these areas and had to deal with terrorists such as the KKK, White Citizen Council, and others. As veterans, these men and women believed in self-defense and fought these terrorists head on. This spirit of resistance created entities such as Robert F. Williams and the citizens of Monroe, NC, and the Deacons of Defense and Justice out of Louisiana. Charles E. Cobb Jr.’s recent book “ That Nonviolent Stuff’ll Get You Killed: How Guns Made the Civil Right’s Movement” describes the truth of about guns during this so-called nonviolent movement.

The truth is we have never had a nonviolent movement, and nor should we. Any movement that is to be successful must be multi-faceted in its tactics. None of the gains of the Civil Rights Movement were won by nonviolence alone. Nonviolence will always be a tactic that we can use when necessary, however we must understand that it’s not a principle. Revolution is only solution. Revolutions are bloody. Malcolm X and other ancestors explained that the freedom is won through bloodshed. We need to accept that there is no such thing as a peaceful revolution.

I grew up hearing the phrase, “Whoever has the gun makes the rules.” We can see how this statement holds true today. We often follow the law not because we agree with it, but because we are under the constant threat of violence by the state if we don’t. Assata Shakur says “Nobody in the world, nobody in history, has ever gotten their freedom by appealing to the moral sense of the people who were oppressing them.” We must get conscious and organized, but we must also get armed. It is our human and legal right to defend ourselves against any threat to our humanity. We are truly the ones fighting a war on terror, and we must defend ourselves. The spirit of revolutionary resistance still lives on inside of us. Stay Woke.

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Video of the Week: Baldwin’s Nigger (James Baldwin)

James Baldwin as a writer, intellectual, and overall human being has been a great influence to my own journey. In this video, Baldwin touches on the Black experience in the United States, and receives questions from Caribbean students in London. Baldwin is nothing short of amazing in how he communicates his thoughts and feelings to the people. There are some true gems in this video. The fact Dick Gregory gives a few lines is an extra bonus as well. Enjoy. Stay Woke.

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Walking Contradictions: Black people who don’t want to be Afrikan

you from afrika

Randomly select 100 Black people in the United States and ask them if they are Afrikans? If they say no, then ask what are they? You will likely receive a variety of answers. You might hear terms like Black, African-American, Moor, Hebrew Israelite, Biracial, Mixed, and the list goes on. In the midst of this sea of identity, there are some individuals who flat out refuse to associate themselves with an Afrikan identity. Which leads me to ask “What’s wrong with being Afrikan?”

To answer this question, we must look back in history. Those of us those are conscious understand that the key to enslaving a person is to take their identity. Removing any mental, physical, and spiritual attachment our ancestors had with their native land was the first thing the oppressor did to them. The only identity that the oppressor wanted our ancestors to have was that of a slave. We can see this process still taking place in the prison system in Amerikkka. Upon entering the prison, the imprisoned person is stripped of their personal belongings and is given a number. As far as the prison is concerned, that number is that individual’s identity.

From the days of chattel enslavement to the present, the identity of Afrikans in Amerikkka has gone through many transitions. We went from Nigger to Colored to Negro to Black to Afro-American to African-American, along with the several other identities inside of this timeline.

Black people, who flat out refuse to be Afrikan, use classic talking points created by white supremacy to defend their stance. “My Grandparents, my parents, and I was born in Amerikkka, therefore I’m not Afrikan; I’m Amerikkkan.” “I know nothing about Afrikan culture, so I can’t be Afrikan.” “Even people from Afrika doesn’t see Black people in America as Afrikans.” “My parents are from (insert Caribbean island/Latin country) so I’m not Afrikan.” All of these responses were created from white supremacist conditioning. Their intention is to separate Black people from their connection with the lives and experiences of BILLIONS of Afrikans that exist around the globe.

Growing up I never realized how much of Afrika still lives inside of my people and myself. For instance, I didn’t know the pouring of liquor (libations) was a ritual that came from Afrika. Or that the “call and response” in our music comes straight from Afrika. Our connections to Afrika are everywhere, in our music, religion, parenting, mannerisms, EVERYTHING. Afrika is written into our DNA. We are Afrikans whether we like it or not. Personally, I love it and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Why is important to embrace our Afrikan identity? Here are a few reasons and benefits I think the people should consider:

1. We need a common identity based on the common origin of all Children of the Diaspora. We can’t unite if we don’t have a common identity.

2. It instantly connects us with BILLONS of Afrikans around the globe. Many of who are facing similar oppression from white supremacist capitalist patriarchy. Embracing our Afrikan heritage, creates an understanding that we aren’t alone, we have ROOTS.

3. A full-scale revolution of Afrikan people must take place globally to liberate the Children of the Diaspora and Motherland. This revolution must defeat capitalism and teach people a new way to live under a framework rooted in socialism. Pan-Afrikanism is the ship that needs to take us there.

4. It gives us a reason to study and learn our history. Agreeing that you’re Afrikan should spark you to at least know something about where you came from. That push to know our roots happens all the time, consciously and subconsciously. It’s essentially Afrika calling you home.

5. Due to the unhealed wounds of our enslavement, we have to live with battered and bruised self-esteems. White supremacy’s conditioning program is rooted in teaching self-hate. Being Afrikan, gives us something to be proud of. It gives us a foundation to build self-love.

Now I am not saying that we have to stop using all other identities. Notice I still used “Black” as an identifier throughout this piece. What I am saying is that regardless of we identify as; we must understand that we are Afrikans. If we plan on having a successful revolution against the oppressor, we must learn how to connect with all of our people across the globe. We have to build spiritual, economic, cultural, and revolutionary bridges back to the Mother Continent. Long live the revolutionary spirits of Malcolm X, Patrice Lumumba, and Frantz Fanon. Stay Woke.

“I realized that I was connected to Africa. I wasn’t just a Colored girl. I was part of a whole world that wanted a better life. I’m part of a majority and not a minority. My life has been a life of growth. If you’re not growing, you’re not going to understand real love. If you’re not reaching out to help others then you’re shrinking. My life has been active. I’m not a spectator”~ Assata Shakur

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Video of the Week: You can’t hate the roots – Malcolm X

A few days ago on Twitter, I discussed how Black people in Amerikkka cannot be “Americans” and that they are in fact “Afrikans”. I made the argument that if we are Americans, then why does Amerikkka treat us like they do? To identify the descendants of enslaved Afrikans as Americans, would mean that a Black person is now treated the same as a wealthy white male. We know this not to be true. As expected this message experienced some resistance from people. The resistance consisted of the classic talking points such as, “I wasn’t born in Africa, I was born in America” or “Africans doesn’t even recognize Black people as Africans.”

In this video Malcolm X lays out why some Black people in Amerikkka don’t want to identify with the continent of Afrika. Malcolm’s words explain why Pan-Afrikanism is important and vital for all children of the Diaspora.

Last week I wrote on a piece on the importance of identity. One of the greatest fears of white supremacist capitalist patriarchy is Black people creating their own identity, especially an Afrikan identity. Think about how dangerous that could be for the oppressor. If we start identifying with Afrika, then that means we would have to start caring for and connecting with the mother continent. White supremacy can’t afford to have a bridge built to Afrika. Stay Woke.

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Hijacking: Why the White mainstream keeps discovering Black culture


Every morning I wake up to find out that the white mainstream has made yet another major “discovery”. From appreciating large posteriors to gelled down bangs, it seems that white culture is constantly at the forefront of cultural creation. Only one problem, how do you discover something that’s been around for ages?

The collective response from my people has been, “White people won’t let us have shit.” This is a fair and honest charge. White supremacy doesn’t want Afrikan people in this country to have anything of our own. Not natural hair, our music, or even the use of the word nigga. Yes I’ve actually seen some Whites say that they should be able to use the word, and even claim that it’s only racist when used in the wrong context. Needless to say, white supremacy seems set on erasing anything that Black people claim as our own.

Culture is everything when we are discussing people. Culture is identity. So we must question and understand why white supremacy is so fixated on Black culture. How do you enslave an entire race of people? You take away their culture. When whites enslaved Afrikans, the first thing they did was demonize anything Afrikan. They demonized the languages, religions, music, traditions, and anything else that gave the enslaved Afrikans some form of identity. The only identity the oppressor wanted the enslaved to have was that of a slave. A people with no culture have no identity. This makes it very easy for someone else to define (oppress) them. The worst thing white supremacy did was distance Black people from our culture(s).

Freedom is the power to define, so we can understand why white supremacy doesn’t want Afrikan people in this country defining things for themselves. Black people creating our own identity are a direct threat to white supremacy, especially if that identity empowers Black people to reject the white supremacist capitalist patriarchal status quo. For instance, when Hip Hop had Black youth all over the country yelling “Fight the power!” and “Fuck the police,” the oppressor knew action had to be taken. So what did they do? They hijacked Hip Hop and made sure they controlled what messages were being fed to Black youth. This is just one example out of many of cultural theft by white supremacy.

As much as white supremacy has attempted to sabotage, mock, and appropriate Black culture, my people have continued to find ways to survive and create. We’ve always been survivors. They took away our original foods, and gave us scraps. We took those scraps and made soulfood. They took away our original languages, and gave us English. We took that English and made our own version, which the academics call African American Vernacular English. We are natural born creators and nothing will stop us from defining the world for ourselves. Our ancestors gave birth to the first civilization, they gave the world religion, mathematics, science, and powerful structures like the pyramids. So to the mainstream, try if you won’t, but you will never define us. We will be free, by any means necessary. Stay Woke.

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Video of the Week: Interview with Kwame Ture

Recently I watched this interview of Kwame Ture which was recorded some 20+ years ago when the Gulf War was just beginning. In this interview Ture addresses a variety issues that are raised by the interviewer as well as from people who called in with questions. Ture discussed imperialism, capitalism, systemic racism, Zionism, and even challenges of his views of women. I was amazed at the relevancy of the discussion with what is going on today in 2014. Pay close attention around the 34:00 minute mark and you will hear Ture predict an event like 9/11 happen. Overall this a powerful video that will definitely uplift your consciousness if you listen with the intention of learning. Stay Woke

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